Cables/Kabel Data
Sata-2 3Gb/s, Sata-3 6Gb/s, Round IDE, SlimLine, Esata/External Sata, Converter/Perpanjangan, Connector, Bracket Data, USB-3.0.
Cables/Kabel Management
Sleeving Expansion, Removal Sleeving, Sleeving Self Close, Spiral Tube, Spiral Wrap, Ties/Clamp, Velcro/Straps.
Cases/Casing Accessories
Chipset Cooling
CPU Cooling/Pendingin Udara
Intel 1136, Intel 1155/1156, Intel 775, AMD AM2/AM3, AMD 754/939, Slim/HTPC, Clip/Bracket CPU.
Fan 7CM, Fan 8CM, Fan 9CM, Fan 12CM, Fan 14CM, Accessories.
CCFL/Neon 30CM, Lazer Led, Strip Led 30CM, AC Lamp.
Memory Cooling
Mouse Pad
Logo Intel, Logo AMD, Logo ATi, Logo Nvidia, Logo Dolby, Logo Windows, Logo Network, Logo Energy.
Storage/Penyimpan Data
Data Connect, Accessories.
Pasta/Grease, Tape, Pad.
Tools Hardware
VGA Cooling
Heatsink NVIDIA/ATI, Slot PCI Fans.
Water Cooling/Pendingin Air
  Water Cooling/Pendingin Air - Pump
P500 Pump
Brand: Thermaltake | SKU: CL-W0132

Compatible with high flow systems utilizing ID 6.4mm(1/4?) and 9.5mm(3/8) tubing.

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