Cables/Kabel Data
Sata-2 3Gb/s, Sata-3 6Gb/s, Round IDE, SlimLine, Esata/External Sata, Converter/Perpanjangan, Connector, Bracket Data, USB-3.0.
Cables/Kabel Management
Sleeving Expansion, Removal Sleeving, Sleeving Self Close, Spiral Tube, Spiral Wrap, Ties/Clamp, Velcro/Straps.
Cases/Casing Accessories
Chipset Cooling
CPU Cooling/Pendingin Udara
Intel 1136, Intel 1155/1156, Intel 775, AMD AM2/AM3, AMD 754/939, Slim/HTPC, Clip/Bracket CPU.
Fan 7CM, Fan 8CM, Fan 9CM, Fan 12CM, Fan 14CM, Accessories.
Hardisk Cooling
CCFL/Neon 30CM, Lazer Led, Strip Led 30CM, AC Lamp.
Memory Cooling
Mouse Pad
Notebook Cooling
Logo Intel, Logo AMD, Logo ATi, Logo Nvidia, Logo Dolby, Logo Windows, Logo Network, Logo Energy.
Storage/Penyimpan Data
Data Connect, Accessories.
Pasta/Grease, Tape, Pad.
Tools Hardware
VGA Cooling
Heatsink NVIDIA/ATI, Slot PCI Fans.
Water Cooling/Pendingin Air
  Water Cooling/Pendingin Air - Pump
P500 Pump
Brand: Thermaltake | SKU: CL-W0132

Compatible with high flow systems utilizing ID 6.4mm(1/4?) and 9.5mm(3/8) tubing.

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